Christmas Lampshade…


My favorite use of Dupioni Silk is creating decorative Lampshades. This is my first Christmas shade!


What makes Dupioni Silk so perfect for this project is the bias cut. When using a cone shaped, tapered lampshade it’s important that the Ribbon have some give. Starting with two yards each of these Dupioni Ribbons: Evergreen, PoppyPearl, Dahlia, Peridot, Pewter, Celery, and Corazon. I did have ribbon left over, but I like playing with the layering as I go. It’s the design process I enjoy most!

IMG_8595-1First I rolled on a layer of glue.

IMG_8596-1Starting with Evergreen Dupioni Silk, I started layering. It’s important to note there will be seams in this product, so be sure your ribbon is right side out!

IMG_8597 IMG_8598-1After I added each layer of Dupioni, I added more glue.

IMG_8599-1Finally, after all the layering of Dupioni Silk was complete, I folded Corazon Dupioni over the top and bottom edges.

IMG_8602Lastly, I added a piece of Scarlet French Velvet at the seam.

If you create one of these shades using Ribbon Jar Dupioni, we will post all the shades and each entry will get $10 towards their next purchase!






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