Camping and Crafting… A Repost!

This is the perfect time of year to make lavender wands, so I’m re-posting one of my favorite places for making them!

Sometimes I like to take along a craft project when camping: )!


We found this site at Wyeth Park; a campground along the Columbia River Gorge, by simply following the little camp sign along the highway. The first campground we stopped at was a bit crowded for our liking but this campground was perfect!


It was made for rest and relaxing…


And crafting of course!


I picked a bunch of lavender before we left so I would have a craft project to work on.


And brought along this assortment of ribbon. I wasn’t sure which ribbon I would be using, so I just gathered an combination of longer pieces.

A tutorial for a lavender wand follows:


I gathered 18 pieces of lavender (this seems like the perfect amount) you could you use more or less but the amount must be an odd number when divided by two (you’ll be using two pieces of lavender as you weave the ribbon around the wand).


I used about 24+ inches of ribbon tying it off below the lavender buds, tying it unevenly at 8 and 16 inches (approximately… this was camping and crafting)


The shorter end of the satin was tucked inside the buds for later. Then I wove the longer end of the satin over and under two pieces of lavender. Bending it down around the lavender as I went around.


It’s a little tricky starting out, but as you make you way around it gets easier.


When you get to the end of the flowers, wrap the satin around the stems and tie it off with the piece you tucked inside.

Then go out for a hike, because you are in the National forest after all and there are so many beautiful things to see!


We hiked scrambled up to this gorgeous waterfall!


The trail kind of ends and you traverse over really slippery rocks…


and logs to get to the top. It was exhilarating!


Then we went back to camp, poured a glass of spirits and made more lavender wands! If you find my tutorial to vague, Fairegarden has an amazing one!

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