A Christmas Project Revisited…

This is a post I did a few Christmas’s ago, but it was so much fun I decided it was worth sharing again!


There are times when handmade crafted projects are a hit and sometimes they are a miss! This year I’m happy to say they were a hit and well received! Those that received this hand crafted gift loved them and those that didn’t shared a bit of disappointment on their faces (sorry to those that didn’t).

It all started when I ran across this old photo of my Mom in a grade school photo. She volunteers 3 days a week, 6 hours a day (sounds like a job to me, but I digress) and  needed a tote to carry her lunch and reading material to school.  I shared the back of it here, but didn’t want to give to much away. Now the front…

IMG_9376That’s her on the bottom row, 5th from the right!


I made a pillow for my sister, with ribbon that complemented her room on one side, when she tires of looking at us on the other : )!


My Honey wanted me to make one for his Mom so he found the perfect photo for her tote; Mom with kids on their Alaska trip. I can only imagine traveling with four kids in a station wagon!


This will be perfect to take on her many adventures!

This was a fun project for layering warm and vibrant colors and texture!

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