Dyeing Cord 101

Dyed Cord

You may have seen this in a Newsletter, but it’s just too informative not to share again…

Have you ever thought about dyeing ribbon or cord for that matter? Cindy at Baby Steps has gotten quite proficient at it and when she sent me photos I knew I had to share! Cindy creates these awesome Teether Toys for babies.

Here are the directions in her words:

I mostly did it through experimenting and persistence. I found that powdered henna, not liquid worked best, and I soaked it in a strong concentrate (2 packets and only maybe 1 cup water mixed well) in a Pyrex 8 cup measuring bowl (no metal!) for about 4 days, rotating it often to make sure it soaked evenly and thoroughly. Used gloves that came with the henna. Then I just rinsed it until it ran clear and dried it in the sun, stretching it out a bit while it was still damp. I think it works best when you get the cord damp first, seems to soak up the color more easily.

We helped Cindy find this high quality organic cord for her Teethers, but you could use it in a number of different ways! If you’ve been looking for a special product or color, we’re happy to help you find it.


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