A Silk Flower


I’m always looking for ribbon crafts that I can take along when we go camping.  In the summer months I make lavender wands, but until those flowers bloom, I will create flowers of my own! Hanah Silk is perfect for this! I love this silky, soft ribbon, the two toned colors make a fun flower!



With so many floral tutorials on Pinterest, I decided to try this simple technique. First I basted about an inch and half and pulled it taunt. Then stitched into the back as I made my way around in the shape of a flower.





Once done I stitched through Fresh Celery Silk and attached it to the back of the flower.



I’ll be adding a few beads to the center to complete this sweet flower made with Rose Nectar!

I’ll just have to remember to pack the Hanah Silk the next time we go camping!!

I’ll be sharing this over at Moonlight & Mason Jars… Where you’ll find lots of other crafty ideas!

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