Easy Key Fob…

12 finalWith the holidays just around the corner it’s fun giving little gifts to friends and family. Colette’s daughter gives key fobs to coaches and teachers at school.  Colette provided you with easy to follow directions if you want to mass-produce this simple project using an assembly line.

1 supplies1)       Gather the supplies needed:
·         1” wide webbing.  Grosgrain also works great and is very sturdy, comes in many colors!  (1 yard will make about 6 key fobs). You’ll want to make sure whatever you use for webbing is slightly larger than Jacquard.
·         22mm wide ribbon.  I used the one w/ the cute little dogs, but they have tons of beautiful jacquard to choose from.
·         Double-stick tape or Wash Away Wonder Tape.
·         Lighter.
·         1” wide key fob hardware.  I order mine from Brees Basement on Etsy.
·         Bobbin thread to match the webbing.
·         Clear thread. (sort of like a very thin fishing line on a spool).
·         Not shown: pliers

.2 basic key fob hardwareNote: I prefer to make 1” wide key fobs, using 1” webbing & 22mm ribbon…. but you can also make 1 ¼” fobs, using 1 ¼” webbing & 1” wide ribbon.

3 cut ribbon2)      Cut your ribbon to desired length. I try to cut mine to 6” long.  But make it longer or shorter to accommodate the ribbon pattern.  This ribbon is actually cut closer to 7”.  Notice the plaid part on either end?  About ¼” of the ribbon will be inside the key fob hardware & will not be seen.

4 singe edge3)      Singe the ends of your ribbon.  You only need to hold the flame to the edges for a second.  Be careful, you can scorch it pretty easily.

5 webbing4)  Measure the webbing to the same length & singe the ends also.

6 tape webbing5)       Place few pieces of double stick tape or wonder tape on the webbing & then place your ribbon on top. (The webbing & ribbon are too bulky to be held flat w/ pins.

8 stitch edges6)       Sew along the long edge of each side of the ribbon.  The clear thread will be on top of the ribbon & the colored thread will be on the bottom.

9 fold & stitch end7)       Fold the webbing in half & run a quick stitch along the top to hold them together.

10 hardware & pliars8)       Get your hardware & pliers ready.

11 place hardware & clamp9)       Place the sewn end of the webbing/ribbon into the hardware.  Use the pliers to push the ends together so the catch the webbing in their “teeth”.  You may want to use a towel or piece of scrap fabric as a buffer between the hardware & pliers, so it doesn’t get scuffed up.

12 final10)       Finished!

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