A Fall Pillow…

I love this pillow!  The texture and rich fall colors are fabulous!



Adding a bit of Ric-Rac to the envelope pocket creates a little scalloped edge along the back.


Playing around with the ribbon was half the fun! I wanted to make sure that when the project was complete the colors would work well together.


This Wonder Tape was perfect for holding the ribbon down.


I realized after doing a few pieces of ribbon that it would work best if I over layered the pieces.


Make sure you have plenty of thread and bobbins filled as you’ll go through lots!


I basted the Ric-Rac down to the face of pillow before sewing the front and back together.


The pinned them together …


Turned it right side out and stuffed it with a 20″ Pillow Form!


When choosing your ribbons I would use lots of Jacquard for their brilliant design, Herringbone for solid color that the other ribbons play against, textured Grosgrain and Ultra-Suede Ribbon, and a bit of sparkle to keep it fun!

Having at least 2 yards of some ribbons, makes sure you’ll have enough to play with.

3 responses to “A Fall Pillow…

  1. That’s such a great idea… While I would love to create a ribbon pack for this pillow, not all ribbons are in stock. You can click on the links to find the kinds of ribbons used. I will work on getting a special Fall Ribbon Pack out especially for you : )!!

    • Wonderful! I’ll research some this weekend. I love jacquards and have quite a few of them that I’ve used over the years.

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