A Request… Pillow Please!

It’s been awhile since I made a pillow, so I was quite delighted when my neighbor asked if I would make one for her little guy. Bright Fluorescents with Black and Gray was the request. I have to admit this was a really fun project, putting together a pillow that he would like. Of course I used the Dinosaur Jacquard, also thought it would be fun to add a bit of reflective tape… just in case it’s dark in his room, he can shine a light and find it! I wasn’t sure about the Pom-Pom trim but she said absolutely!

If anyone has any secrets to using Pom-Pom trim I could use it. I just used a lot of straight pins to hold it all together, stitched down the side using my zipper foot and hoped for the best!


But first it was necessary to put the zipper in, so I decided to put the trim on the side that would have the photo on it and then put the zipper in, I really should have taken better photos of this process. But I sort of just do things by trial and error and hope for the best.


There are so many really good tutorials out there for pillows that I didn’t want to waste space on one that is just so-so! Sew Mama Sew has a list of really great pillow tutorials to use! I definitely should have followed the tutorial from Noodlehead when putting the zipper in!


Basically the pillow is done and I’m loving these bright colors, now I just need to personalize it with a photo for him ; )!

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