A Ribbon Lampshade…

https://ribbonjar.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/ca23a-6a0120a61ef16d970b017c336b25c9970b-pi.jpgI’m always looking for ways to infuse color into my everyday!  So why not add ribbon to a lampshade.


Adding texture as well as color adds interest, so I selected this ribbon for my project: Himalayan Sky Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon 18mm,  Curacao Dupioni Silk 18mm Ribbon, Atlantic Dupioni Silk 18mm Ribbon, Cadmium 20mm Herringbone Ribbon, and Mica Chambray Grosgrain Ribbon 12mm.

Together the colors and textures are fabulous!

Getting Started:

IMG_1121When I started this project my biggest concern was how I would attach this ribbon to the lampshade. Once I had looked through my craft drawer and located this glue stick I was ready to go.  Word of advice: Whenever you are trying a new product on ribbon, sample it on a few scraps to see how it works. Lucky for me my sample dried quickly without incident and I was ready to proceed!
I started working two layers at a time and thought I wanted the wider herringbone on top of the Dupioni Silk.
I soon discovered the herringbone is not as flexible as the silk and since my lampshade has a slight angle, it puckered at the top; so I pulled the silk out from under the herringbone and I began to layer one on top of the other.
I was happy to discover this in the beginning of my project because as I layer one ribbon on top of the other, it smoothed out the ripples underneath.
I finihed off the project with Mica Chambray Grosgrain Ribbon 12mm. Chambry Grosgrain is a new product and I love the fabulous texture and sheen. The sheen comes from two different threads running through it: polyester and rayon!
I love how the different colors and texture fuse together when the light is on!
I have the ribbon ready for the other lamp… Now I just need to pick up another shade to cover and I’ll have a matching pair for my family room!

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